Mrs. Doubtfire Make Up

Every profession in the world has its own sacrifice. Some people are away from their homes just to make money in order to maintain their families and kids. Some people suffer everyday humiliation in order to survive. We often find escape from reality watching a good movie, mostly comedies. That kind of movie makes us laugh and forget all our troubles for a while but did you ever wonder how it looks like the life of these people, actors?
Take for example an old funny classic comedy – Mrs. Doubtfire and unforgettable Robin Williams playing the main role of Daniel Hillard also known as Mrs. Doubtfire. My friend who is the best immigration Attorney in Gwinnett has seen this movie probably 20 times and loves it! ┬áDo you even remember what did he had to do to make us laugh? Dress up as character it’s not always easy, it’s quite a challenging job. You have to truly understand the character you’re playing in order to dress up like him or her. Robin Williams had to use make up in order to do a good interpretation of Mrs.Doubtfire. We have seen him put mascara or red lipstick. Make up artist spent more than four hours a day transforming Robin Williams into Mrs. Doubtfire and the make up was made up of eight separate pieces. He tried avocado mask, but he looked too scary so it was replaced by cake.
Make up for Robin Williams in movie Mrs. Doubtfire was applied everyday. The multi – piece mask was designed in several pieces in order to allow more facial expressions. Each piece of the mask was blended to look like a single detachment. All the wrinkles had to be painted and shaped everyday. Thanks to all that Ve Neill’s work, he really looked like an old nanny. Fabulous and really worth it. Robin Williams wasn’t nearly the only actor who had to do such a change. There are lots of actors who had to do the same in order to maintain the image and to make a good interpretation of their role. Being an actor is a quite ungrateful profession when we look it that way. You have to do what ever they ask you to. Robin Williams kept his sense of humor always. He turned into a lady with pride and dignity.
We had a chance to laugh and to live all those moments thanks to Robin Williams playing Mrs. Doubtfire , Mike Myers playing The Cat in the Hat, Amanda Bynes and many others. Make yourself wonder….. It all looks magical on the big screen but would you dare to be a part of it ever in your entire life? Would you dedicate your life making other people laugh, risking that you later may be recognized as Mrs. Doubtfire or The Cat in the Hat? It may be the role that will sustain your entire career. That’s called courage. Wearing make up, a bunch of outfits, finding yourself playing your role and bring out the essential. That’s confidence. Lots of us don’t have it. Try it sometimes. Even when you have nothing to wear, you still have your confidence.